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Welcome to Sikundr's Homepage

(Us Salam Wa Lay Koom Wa Rahmutulaah)


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My 2002- 2003 photo Journal (NEW!)
A prayer Loving Touch ( January 2001)

Peace be upon you.  Greetings, my name is Sikundr (Alejandro).  I am a 35 year old Pakistani American g   My profession goal is College professor of the Spanish literature and teaching Spanish as a second language.. Previously I lived in Madrid for a year, taking post-baccalaureate studies in Spanish culture and language. Three year later, I embarked on a master´s program in ESADE Business School in Barcelona Spain  .

My interests include the following: philosophy, politics, yoga, working out, psychology, spirituality, art, business, men´s studies,history, solitude, multicultural studies, and poetry.  At times I find it necessary to be in touch with my "inner child"  When in that mood, you'll find me watching Loony Toons (Bugs Bunny), jumping up and down scratching my head making monkey sounds or howling at the full moon.  When howling it is especially important to be down on all fours with an arched back (wolf position).   You should try howling at the moon; it's very therapuetic.  Remember to ask yourself one important question.  Are you in touch with your inner child?

On a serious note, I created this webpage to express my thoughts and emotions through poetry, essays, and pictures, hopefully encouraging you to share a part of yourself with me.  I  am interested in nurturing the spiritual growth with those who come upon my path.  No expectations, but open to the possibilties of what may or may not develop between you and I.

Feel free to drop a line and tell me a little about yourself.  I'd like to hear your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.    Send your comments and questions to:

May the great spirit take care of you and your loved ones in every way.  Peace