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Making Time for God

Awake in the morning
Before starting the day
I clasp my hands, bow the head
Close my eyes
And begin to pray

Showing gratitude
For what I have
Reminds me
How lucky, I truly am

Sending blessings
To my loved ones
Whom I carry close to my heart

Seeking guidance
On this journey of life
I ask the Lord:
To give me the courage
When facing problems
To give me the patience
In taking the time
To help me show love
by listening and comforting

I say "God, my heart is open.
Please sit with me"
After a few minutes of peace
I bring this prayer to a close

Suddenly, I feel this intense power
Resting upon my heart
I'm moved by his presence
I feel his unconditional love
I can't help, but drop my guard
Overflowing tears stream down my face

Crying, I say,
"Oh God, it's so hard to be strong
I need you to hold me
I need you to love me
I need your encouragement
Tell me what is the right course of action
Answer, and I will submit"

He answers, "In good time
You shall know. In good time"
He strokes my heart
Soothing my vulnerable feelings
He massages my mind
Clearing the spirit of emotional tension

Feeling a peaceness
Upon my heart
I am blessed
To start the day

@1998 Assad Malik Back to main menu