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Cherished gifts  by Sikundr

The greatest gifts:

1.    Your time
2.    A tender hug
3.    A warm smile
4.    Breaking bread together
5.    Listening
6.    Lying down together, creating peacefulness in each others arms
7.    Your challenges
8.    Engaging in a emotionally intimate/philosophical conversations
9.    Watching the beauty of  lightning and thunder sounds as the rain falls
10.  Shared, tranquil silence
11.  Going for a long walk or hike
12.  Your honesty, especially when you know I need to hear it.
13.  Being able to be silly/humorous together.
14.  You, allowing me to comfort you.
15.   Looking up at the stars throughout the night
15.   You taking the time to include me in your prayers

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