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Your Touch
by  Assad  Malik

                                                            Your touch

                                                            Stirs the depths of my soul

                                                            Slows the beating of my heart

                                                            Unlocks the barriers within my mind

                                                            Giving me, the courage
                                                            To be vulnerable with you.

                                                            I often wonder how you have:

                                                            Been able to hear the silent yearnings

                                                            That have fallen upon many deaf ears

                                                            How you have been able to understand

                                                            The multi-dimensional meanings of touch

                                                           And to have known that what touch encompasses

                                                           Goes beyond friendship
                                                           Beyond romantic love

                                                           Transcending terminology.

                                                           Your ability to almost instantaneously recognize
                                                           The very essence of my being moves me.

                                                           Thank you, for realizing my need and
">                                                         Providing it joyfully                                                                       Back to main menu

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