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Photos of my niece and her parents

On April 13, 1997, Samra Anum Malik was born.  The parents, A.J. (my big bro) and Erum [my sister (Americans would say sister in law but I hate that word.  It sounds so distant and cold.)] are getting use to parenthood. It isn't easy for them since they both work full time and that Erum works irregular hours at her medical residency, but they try the best they can.   Ever since her birth, she has been a constant source of joy in our lives.  She is loved very much by our family.  We miss her when she is away with her parents in New York.

      Sometimes when I hold her in my arms, my heart melts and all I want to do is protect her.
 What an angel. No one is more crazy about her than her parents. (left down below)
  Isn't she a cutie?!!!


Children are the future.  They deserve our unconditional love, tenderness, and discipline.  So that one day they pass our gift of love to their own friends and family. There are two important things we can offer our children.  The first, protection from pedophiles and other sickos.  The second involves the teaching of basic moral values and living by example.   A friend once told me that a society that does not take care of its elders and children is one that is doomed to fail.  Couldn’t agree more, couldn’t agree more.

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