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    Pictures of my friend Shila and I

This is a picture of me getting ready to go out dancing with some friends.

Next picture includes one of my dear friends Shila.  Our friendship of 7 years is a gift from god.  With her, I am able to be share an intimacy usually spouses or significant others share, yet our relationship is platonic.  Shila is my little sister and I'm her big brother.  She is one of the few people (within this plane of existence) who really knows me.  She is intelligent, warm, sexy, and loony (in a tiny toon sort of way.)  (She even makes good horsey sounds, but I won't discuss that with you; That, you will have to talk about with her)  I really have to give her a lot of credit for getting me into webpage design.  Little did she know that when first teaching me about backgrounds and design, that I would become the monster that I am now. Thank you Shila, thank you. Really, you should check out her work.  Shila really has a talent for programming and web design.  If you would like to learn more about this beautiful woman, check out her website by clicking on the picture below.

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The picture above was the cartoon version of Shila, but if you want the real one then here it is.


When we're both stressed out, we turn to favorite activity.  Eating food and talking.  It's amazing how comforting food and a good friend are.
The better the friend and the tastier the food (a.k.a. fattening) the more enjoyable experience becomes.
Next picture includes both of us being our normal affectionate selves.

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