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AssadŽs 2002-2003 Photo Journal
Pictures of friends (Page 4)


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(From left to right) Jose and Carola, a married Venezuelan couple, and to my right, Ahkil and Mumukshu both from India.  WeŽre on our way to a Pakistani Restaurant, Copper Kettle.


Stephen (U.S.A.), I, Amit and Sandeep (India).  WeŽre smiling because of the delicious Lebanese food.  Our stomachs are happy because we got a nice change from the cafeteria food.


You know they that say the best pictures taken are the ones that have an element of surprise.  So I decided on the spur of the moment what the heck, why not carry Jose in my arms.  If youŽll look at the background, his wife is getting a kick out of it as well. 

Friends (page 5)