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Emptiness   by Assad Malik
You appear friend to all
Using flattery and manipulation
I see you for what you really are
Know what your trying to do
But won't take the fall
Preying on people's weakenesses
Doing it, ever so subtly
Receiving joy from their misfortunes
I won't let you do that to me
My belief in the greater, a faith in the supreme, is my greatest strength no one can destroy
Spirit, mind, and body provide a barrier that even you cannot penetrate
There is an emptiness within you
That causes your sorrow
Can't stand to see others happy
It's a reminder of what you're missing
You attempt to take their happiness
To fill your black void
Instead, it expands
Growing larger than before
A belief in the larger, gives you the hope
To help others, as well as, yourself.
Create the happiness from within 
Enjoy the simple pleasures of life
And say a prayer for guidance
For the great spirit helps those who allow her
To enter their hearts
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