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Some Great Links

I. Male Issues & Webpage
    A. Rick Segreda's Page
           A remarkable webpage about a man who has done soul
           searching & spiritual work to follow his calling.
    B. The Mankind Project
          An organization that initiates men into a mature masculinity, to
          lead lives of integrity, connection to feeling, and a renewed
          responsibility for their personal mission in the world

   C. A Man's Book of Spirit  by Bill Alexander
         A daily meditation guide that promotes growth of the male spirit,
         giving men a richer of understanding of spiritual well-being.  I
         highly reccomend it, (Click on picture to learn more about the
         book and where you can buy it)


D. Wrestling with Love: How Men Struggle with Intimacy by Dr. Samuel Osherson
       This is an excellent book that examines how men struggle to
        achieve intimacy in their relationships, even though messages of
       masculinity demand that they hide their longing for attachments.         It offers ways in which men can connect.(Click on picture)


II. Poetry and Spiritual
     A. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
          A Lebanese American's most popular classic.  His poetry weaves          human desire, mysticism, and philosophy.  When I first read this          book, it totally changed and continues to change my outlook
         on life.  It's powerful,eloquently written, and spiritually fufilling.           To read text from the prophet click above.  To purchase this book click on the picture below.

    B. Shared lesson from The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
         One reader shares his lessons learned from this great book.
         Anyone into developing their spirituality and mind should check
         this site out and read the book.  To visit a fan's site of this book
         click above. To learn more about the book, click below.

III. Art
      1. Rossouli's Art Gallery

More to come in the future.
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