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Assad´s 2002-2003 Photo Journal
Indian night (Page 3)


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Indian-Pakistani clothing has become so popular that even non-desis (non-Pakistani-Indian people) are wearing them.  Here I am with Vivian from Germany and Elina from Ukraine (Russia)


As part of the fashion show, Venkat and I decided to swing Elina, showing her that there is never a dull moment with a Desi man :)
Below, Vani and I performing on cultural night a Bollywood song Ishtumundr


Vani, showing her shy, desi girl side as I´m trying to seduce her.   She´s covering her face blushing because of my ghazals of Urdu poetry, "Ai High, Oh foh, Meri Khoobsurut Rani Subana Allah"   Although Vani is known as being an extrovert, there is a shy, tender part of her that very few get to see. 


Pictures of friends (Page 4)