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AssadŽs 2002-2003 Photo Journal
Indian night (Page 3)


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Indian-Pakistani clothing has become so popular that even non-desis (non-Pakistani-Indian people) are wearing them.  Here I am with Vivian from Germany and Elina from Ukraine (Russia)


As part of the fashion show, Venkat and I decided to swing Elina, showing her that there is never a dull moment with a Desi man :)
Below, Vani and I performing on cultural night a Bollywood song Ishtumundr


Vani, showing her shy, desi girl side as IŽm trying to seduce her.   SheŽs covering her face blushing because of my ghazals of Urdu poetry, "Ai High, Oh foh, Meri Khoobsurut Rani Subana Allah"   Although Vani is known as being an extrovert, there is a shy, tender part of her that very few get to see. 


Pictures of friends (Page 4)